Monday, June 26, 2017

MPS Go Green Campaign
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MPS Launches Go Green Campaign!

This spring, Montgomery Public Schools kicked off its Go Green Campaign by announcing the launch of a new recycling program and impressive energy savings. MPS has reached the $4.3 million mark in energy savings and has partnered with the Montgomery Clean City Commission to promote recycling at each of the district’s  schools. By reusing and recycling materials and reducing our energy cost, we’re not only saving money, we have a positive impact on the environment.”

The Go Green Campaign will focus on recycling and energy conservation through behavior modification.The Montgomery Clean City Commission provided recycle bins and training on how to use them for custodians at each school. One week each month, the bags will be collected and delivered to a local recycling center, which will weigh the contents. Each quarter, high performing schools and custodians will be recognized with a Green Award.

Go Green will also support the district’s Energy Education Program which, as of December 2012, has reduced the district’s energy costs by $4.3 million ( cost avoidance). MPS Maintenance Department, teachers, students, school staff and custodians have all worked together to conserve energy by turning off lights and powering down computers and office equipment when not in use. Thermostats in many schools are now centrally controlled and several buildings have received new energy efficient windows or lighting retrofits.

The program initially launched in July 2010 and since then, 25 MPS schools have been met the criteria to be recognized as Energy Stars by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



Sabe Williams, Voncile Johnson and Andrew Taylor     

Winners of the MPS Go Green Award

This spring, Montgomery Public Schools kicked off its Go Green Campaign by announcing the launch of a new recycling program. Schools were encouraged to promote recycling plastic bottles throughout their buildings. Out of the schools that particpated, Floyd Middle collected the highest amount with 2,120 pounds of plastic. The custodians each receive a $25 gift card and a framed certificate to hang in their school.